Money Making Side Hustles for Teachers

Money Making Side Hustles for Teachers

This money making side hustles for teachers blog post contains affiliate links. I may generate income based on purchases from those links. Thank you for your support!

There are so many ways to make money online (or offline)! Teachers are severely underpaid, unfortunately, and so a lot of us look to side hustles. Even though teachers shouldn’t have to have a part-time gig, some hobbies can lead to some money make side hustles for teachers. Plus, you can even make some passive income and get paid while you’re sleeping! Here are a few money making side hustles for teachers that you can try!

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Freelance Writing

This is my go-to money making side hustle! Writing for bloggers and businesses is very lucrative! I started writing as a ghost-writer for travel and parenting blogs and then narrowed my niche to education blogs. It’s super easy to get started freelance writing with the Creative Freelance Workbook! This workbook takes you through steps from brainstorming to sales. You’ll even find out places to find clients and the best ad scripts to keep selling. Check out these testimonials from past Creative Freelancers!


Whether you’re creating worksheets, stickers, or printable poster designs, there’s money to be made in this (eventual) passive income source.

Creating Printables on Canva

There are a lot of platforms where you can make printables, but I 100% rely on Canva. Even if you’re a beginner, the templates and features in Canva make it EASY to create.

Canva has a free option, but I love using CanvaPro to save brand colors, upload fonts, and most of all. . .use the background remover. It’s so simple!

First create a design and upload an image of your choice. You may also choose from Canva’s library of graphics and photos. (Check the terms to see if these are available for commercial use, meaning you can sell your designs).


Simply upload an image, click edit image, and then click BG Remover. Simple!

Background remover Canva


Want to learn more about Canva? Pam is the guru of all things Canva! Check out her Canva resources here.

Selling Printables


There are two popular platforms to sell printables. One is Etsy. You can create your own Etsy accountUse this link to get 40 free listings!

I am just getting started on Etsy by taking Sadie Smiley’s Build Your Etsy Empire course! Sadie teaches you everything from creating products that sell to setting up your Etsy account!

There are so many popular printables to sell on Etsy. Do your research to see what sells!

  • Worksheets
  • Escape Rooms/Games
  • Invitations
  • Bookmarks
  • Wall Art
  • Journals
  • Stationary. . .
  • MORE!

Teachers Pay Teachers

Many teachers (and professionals) sell their resources on Teachers Pay Teachers! These do not have to be worksheets. In fact, creating tech templates, clip art, and printable wall art is also a lucrative, money make side hustle for teachers. TpT is a fun site to try out for a teacher side hustle.

I love making resources for my students and other teachers to use in the classroom. My favorites use tech as a tool to help with writing, project-based learning, and innovation! Here is a freebie to check out!

Teachers pay teachers writing roulette Google Jamboard teacher side hustle

Want to learn more about TpT? Beth Ann Averill has TpT courses and a WAY AFFORDABLE membership to teach you how to create a TpT store, resources, and more. She even has TpT templates to get you started.


Want to create your own blog? It can be overwhelming at first, but once you find your own niche, monetizing a blog can be an awesome money making side hustle for teachers!

One of the ways I got started blogging is with incredible blogging courses like those from the BC Stack . This is a once a year sale of more than 65 (at time of post) courses, software resources, and even online conferences all in one bundle! If this link is not live when you click, you can sign up to be notified. For 2023, the BC Stack is live the week of July 18, but you can get on the waiting list at the link above.

For $49, this is the best investment I make for my business every year. Even if you already have a blog (like me), you can learn so much to up your game. If you have a question about what’s in the latest BC Stack, send me an email at (creativetechteacher(at)gmail(dot)com).

Online Classes

I totally get it if you want your money making side hustle for teachers to be something non-teaching related. However, this teaching side hustle can help you use your expertise and have fun teaching what you want to teach…finally!

Outschool is an awesome way to teach fun classes (think Ukulele 101, Blogging for Teens, Organizing your Closet, or Minecraft Club). Apply to teach on Outschool or give yourself a break to work on your own money making teacher side hustle while your child takes an Outschool course!

My daughter took a few Outschool classes when we were quarantined with Covid last year. She learned some basic French, organized her room, and joined a Greek Mythology course!

Use this Outschool link to save $20 on course for your child or simply sign up to teach!

Clean Out Your Closet

Why not get some cleaning done and make some side hustle income by selling clothes and other home items. Facebook Marketplace and Ebay are two options, but I love these easy to use apps that make everything from pricing to shipping a breeze


Declutter and make some money by selling items online. My favorite app is Mercari, to sell everything from clothing to kitchen supplies. Sign up through my link and get up to $30!

Mercari Teacher Side Hustle

I’ve sold my daughter’s clothes, gently used shoes, kitchen items, and more! You can set your own price with Mercari and set a floor of smart pricing, so if you aren’t getting traction, your price can be lowered. Mercari also allows you to send special offers to people who view or like your item! It’s a great money making side hustle for teachers.


Along with Mercari, Poshmark is a perfect way to get rid of clothes you no longer wear while lining your pockets with a bit of cash! Download the app and use code LIVLAUGHLOVE to get $10 off your first purchase. I sell a few things then have a little bit of play money to buy something new! Do that, or simply save your side hustle for teachers income for your own pocket or savings!

More Money Making Side Hustles for Teachers

There are so many more ideas for side hustles! If you have an idea or want to learn more about money making side hustles for teachers, join Creative Teachers Making Money, the free Facebook group!

Already have a money making side hustle for teachers? Share in Teachers Deals and Freebies in our weekend side hustle thread!

What side hustle for teachers are you ready to start this year?

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